Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March; hellogoodbye.

The last month has seriously flown by, but I feel like everyone says that about February because it's a shorter month and all.  But we're in mid-MARCH! How does that happen?! I wish I could say some interesting things have been happening over here in the Doskocil home but sadly that isn't so, time has just been slipping on by.

Since I last wrote I have been to 2 more weddings (#yearofweddings!), one for my friend Melissa (my first black wedding! it was a whole new experience!) and also my friend Allison.  Allison got married at a barn in Huntington Beach that I had considered having as our venue, and it was gorgeous as expected..leaving me a taaaad jealous ;}

February - Melissa & Trent


Brides trading places!

March - Allison & Dave

Speaking of weddings and such... February marked our 6 months! Wow! 6 months of being married and also 1 year since James proposed.  Been looking at some photos, taking trips down memory lane- it's our favorite thing to do.

The best day, ever.  I wish I could do it over and over (kind of).

Feels like yesterday :]

This month I also got to take my niece Julianna out on a date to paint some ceramics and have some sushi (a girl after my own heart!).
Before, after painting, and a week later after firing it in the kiln... 

Her first time at Sushi Studio...

I also got new glasses because we discovered I have latent hyperopia, meaning my vision switched from entirely near-sighted to entirely far-sighted. I didn't know that was possible, but of course if indeed it were, it would happen to me.  I don't know how I feel about the new frames though, they're kind of dark against my fair complexion! We'll see...

Not too many other happenings going on over here. I think one of my favorite things about being married is the time we have in the morning to chat and prepare for the day.  And to take pictures (that's his least favorite thing about marriage...maybe ;}). 

My sweetheart <3 p="">

See you in 4 weeks, Stacked!

I suppose I will leave you with this picture I might have snapped while driving.... I had to! I guess there is a school for everything nowadays???